Purpose: This portion of the SJVWP Bootcamp II is to become familiar with VoiceThread.com. Participants will discover different ways to utilize VoiceThread in their classroom.

VoiceThread Prompt:
  1. Attendees will use VoiceThread.com as means to create an individual VoiceThread to share student writing or find a way to fit the application into a unit they are already teaching. Participants will add three pages or one video to their VoiceThread.
  2. Attendees will have at least five other people/students comment on their voice thread.
    1. Encourage viewers or your students to use one of the five different methods: telephone, microphone, webcam, text, or an upload to respond to your VoiceThread.
    2. Encourage viewers or your student to doodle on your VoiceThread.
  3. Attendees will comment on three viewer or student responses using one of the five different methods: telephone, microphone, webcam, text, or an upload.
  4. Finally, on the SJVWP Posterous site, everyone will post the link to their VoiceThread and write a short summary explaining why they designed their particular project.

What is VoiceThread?:
VoiceThread is a way to have a conversation around different forms of media. You can add pictures, video, documents, or a presentation. A voice thread can have all types of media in one thread.
"What is a Voice Thread?" Instructional Video:


Uploading Media:
Media can be uploaded to VoiceThread. After the chosen media is added others can comment or have a conversation around the media.
o Obtain two pictures from Google. Put the pictures on desktop.
o Go to the Create tab. Upload one of the pictures from the desktop.
o Go out to My Voice tab. Each My Voice created will show up here.
o On the My Voice that is being worked on there is a menu button. Click on Menu on the bottom right corner. When the options come up click on Edit. This is where objects can be added. Click on Upload to upload the next picture from the desktop.

Identity Picture:
o Upload a picture of yourself by clicking the icon at the bottom left corner below the picture that was uploaded.
o Many different identities can be created in the Switch Identity box.


Commenting on Media:
People can comment on the media. Their comments can be made through a telephone, microphone, web cam, text, or a file upload. Click on the Comment button to open the commenting feature.
o Click on the Text commenting button under the media. Type in a comment about the media.
o Click on the Record commenting button. Record a message comment about the media.
o Click on the Video commenting button. Record a message, using a web camera, about the media.
o The other two ways to comment are using a telephone or uploading comments.

Write on media as you record your comments. The doodling pallet will appear when you start to comment.


Embedding VoiceThread:
Attendees will need to Embed the VoiceThread projects into the SJVWP Wiki Project Page. http://sjvwp.wikispaces.com/Projects
o Go to the menu button at the top left of the page
o Click Embed
o Copy the Embed code
o Paste onto the SJVWP Wiki Project Page.


VoiceThread Support:

You can find support at: http://voicethread.com/support/. The VoiceThread site has a wonderful support page. You will find a how to page, manuals, forums, and an area to contact VoiceThread staff.

jeromywinter@gmail.com please feel free to email me to ask any questions. I am more than willing to help you on line, on the phone, or meet you.

Come back to this wiki, www.jeromywinter.wikispaces.com/voicethread, for answers to questions about this portion of the Bootcamp.

Post questions in the Q&A area of the SJVWP Wiki. http://sjvwp.wikispaces.com/Q%26A

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